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Smartsheet Guru is operated by Darren Mullen, member of Smart Consulting Services LLC. He offers solutions through his consulting and coaching services for Smartsheet, Appsheet and associated integrations.

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My Story

I started Smartsheet Guru to showcase my tutorial videos posted on Youtube. These videos helped me land my first Smartsheet consulting gig and I subsequently started Smart Consulting Services LLC to provide solutions and coaching to clients looking to learn more about Smartsheet and improve their business processes.

Many opportunities to learn new skills have opened up and I’ve taken on many projects utilizing Appsheet to build web and mobile applications.  Furthermore, as of December 2022, I’m now a published author with my eBook, Smartsheet User Guide for Accelerated Learning: Powerful Tips to Jump-Start Your Smartsheet Training.

I’ve been honing my Smartsheet skills since 2019 and became a Smartsheet Product Certified User in June 2020. If you are looking to become a more efficient and experienced user, consider reaching out for some hands on advice. I’ve spent the time learning and making the mistakes so you can learn from me and improve you own Smartsheet skills!

When I’m not working in Smartsheet, Appsheet, or other integrated services, I’m busy with my growing family, helping my wife with her speech therapy practice, helping to homeschool, and learning as much as I can about anything that piques my interest.  


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