Smartsheet Copy Specific Columns to Another Sheet

Smartsheet add-on to copy columns selectively from one sheet to another sheet!

Have you ever wanted to copy specific columns from one Smartsheet to another?

As you know, if you use the copy row automation or choose to copy a row from one sheet to another, it will copy all of the columns

What's the Solution?

Smartsheet Guru is happy to announce that we are now offering the Smarter Row Copy add-on in partnership with Smarter Business Processes. 

What Smartsheet plan is required to use Smarter Row Copy?

Business and Enterprise.  The Smartsheet Smarter Row Copy add-on utilizes Smartsheet’s API and both the Business and Enterprise Smartsheet plans allow generating an API token.  Unfortunately, the Smartsheet Pro plan does not allow users to generate API tokens. 

What is required to implement this solution?

We’ll have a free consultation to discuss if this solution is right for you and how it will be implemented into your Smartsheet environment.  From there you’ll provide the required information about your Smartsheet account and the add-on will be setup for you!  

Use the button below to book your consultation! 

Can I see a demo of this solution?

Yes! See the video below for a demonstration and further explanation of the solution.


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