Smartsheet Task Ready to Start

Smartsheet solution to determine if a task is ready to start based on the status of its dependencies, both the applicable predecessors and successors.

Ever wish Smartsheet had these features?

Notify task owners or assignees a task is ready to start based on the status of predecessors or successors.

Determine which predecessor or successor tasks are keeping a task from starting.

What's the Solution?

The Smartsheet Task Ready to Start solution!

Smartsheet Task Ready to Start

The solution determines if each task in a project plan is ready to start based on the following criteria:

  • Finish to Start predecessors are at 100% completion
  • Start to Start predecessors are greater than 0% completion
  • Start to Finish predecessors are ready to start when the associated successor is at 100% completion

BONUS FEATURE: The solution also tells you which dependencies are the “gating” items or those dependencies that need to be complete or started before a given task can start!

Does the solution only work for standard Finish-to-Start (FS) predecessors?

No!  This solution works for Finish-to-Start (FS), Start-to-Start (SS) and Start-to-Finish (SF) predecessors.  It also is not affected if you add lead or lag time to a predecessor.

Can this solution trigger a workflow?

Yes!  A common use case for this solution is to notify the task owner or assignee in the “Assigned To” column that their task is ready to start based on the dependencies for the task.

What Smartsheet plan is required to use the Smartsheet Task Ready to Start solution?

Pro, Business and Enterprise.  This solution utilizes core Smarthseet functionality using column formulas.  No add-ons or features above the Pro level license are required!

What is required to implement this solution?

Schedule a free consultation and we can discuss if you would like to accept the solution as-is in my project plan template, or if you will require additional customizations.

Can I see a demo of this solution?

Yes! See the video below for a more in depth demonstration and explanation of the solution.

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