Smartsheet Training and Coaching

Need Smartsheet help? Smartsheet Guru offers Smartsheet training in the form of live, individualized coaching.

Looking for Individualized Smartsheet Training?

There are a number of options for Smartsheet training, but having some live coaching can help speed up the process.

Wasted hours from being stuck on a Smartsheet formula?

Smartsheet Guru has seen this on multiple ocassions. A Smartsheet user spends hours trying to troubleshoot a formula, but with some hands on coaching from a guru they can easily overcome the obstacles and become confident in writing their own Smartsheet formulas.

How does individualized Smartsheet coaching work?

Simply book an available time slot on my calendar and we will meet over Zoom. This allows me to record our session so you can have it for later reference and also allows me the ability to take remote control of your screen if needed.

Do you offer ongoing Smartsheet coaching?

If you require ongoing Smartsheet training/coaching services this can be arranged.

What does a Smartsheet coaching session look like?

This video below is an excerpt from an actual coaching call!

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