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Smartsheet Guru is operated by Darren Mullen, member of Smart Consulting Services LLC. He offers solutions through his consulting and coaching services for Smartsheet and associated integrations.

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Smartsheet User Guide for Accelerated Learning Powerful Tips to Jump-Start Your Smartsheet Training eBook cover

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Smartsheet eBook: Smartsheet User Guide for Accelerated Learning: Powerful Tips to Jump-Start Your Smartsheet Training

Are you looking for the best way to learn Smartsheet– fast? This eBook from Darren Mullen, “the Smartsheet Guru,” was made just for you.

Want to be a valuable and sought-after Smartsheet user for your company or for your clients? The Smartsheet User Guide for Accelerated Learning is your ticket to proficiency with this powerful and popular application.

Distilling years of experience into a collection of the most essential and valuable functions of Smartsheet, you’ll learn:

Smartsheet Formula Fundamentals

  • Formula Basics
  • Basic Syntax Fundamentals
  • Referencing cells
  • Row Number or @row Function?
  • I have to drag this formula down thousands of rows?
  • Absolute References
  • Brackets or No Brackets?
  • Referencing Ranges
  • Cross Sheet References
  • Smartsheet Functions
  • Function Tooltips
  • Function reference via the Toolbar

Nested if Statements

  • Writing a nested IF statement

Sheet Summaries

  • Creating a Sheet Summary
  • Using Formulas in Sheet Summaries
  • Syntax to reference sheet formulas

Common Mistakes

  • Parentheses
  • Missing a required range or value in a function
  • Incorrect Column Type

Walk through these practical examples with Smartsheet and then you’ll be ready to charge forward as a Smartsheet master!



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I offer coaching in how to use Smartsheet more effectively including, but not limited to, sheets, formulas, reports, dashboards, forms, document builder, and external integratrions.


I offer coaching/training for using Appsheet from basic Appsheet setup all the way through using Appsheet webhooks and application deployment. I can offer this as one on one sessions or present to a group.  Additionally, I’m happy to “look over your shoulder” to help coach you in building or updating your own Appsheet application.


I can coach you on using Appenate more effectively as well as explaining how various features work.  As a certified Appenate consulting partner, I can start your free trial if you are not already an Appenate customer and I can link your account to mine, if you wish, in order to make view sharing more efficient.

What types of solutions do you offer?

I pride myself on tailoring my offerings to my client’s needs.  I can create a full workflow process in Smartsheet/Appsheet/Appenate to your specifications and offer extended functionality through external integrations and can also provide some custom API integrations that are within my skill set, should the need arise.

What types of integrations do you have experience with?


I have experience with Smartsheet integrations: Control Center, Datamesh, Dynamic View, Data Shuttle (formerly Data Uploader) as well as Smartsheet integration with Appsheet, Appenate, and Google Apps Script.


Appsheet integrates out of the box with various data sources with popular ones being, Google Sheets, Smartsheet, and Office365.  Appsheet also has the ability integrate via webhooks to any system with an API.


Appenate has the ability to integrate to any API through their REST connector.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes! I’m happy to work with clients as long as they need my services.

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