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Smartsheet Guru can help! As a provider of Smartsheet and Appsheet consulting services, we can help you improve your existing Smartsheet or Appsheet solution or help architect a solution tailored to your needs. 






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I offer coaching in how to use Smartsheet more effectively including, but not limited to, sheets, formulas, reports, dashboards, forms, document builder, and external integrations.


I offer coaching/training for using Appsheet from basic Appsheet setup all the way through using Appsheet webhooks and application deployment. I can offer this as one on one sessions or present to a group.  Additionally, I’m happy to “look over your shoulder” to help coach you in building or updating your own Appsheet application.


I can coach you on using Appenate more effectively as well as explaining how various features work.  As a certified Appenate consulting partner, I can start your free trial if you are not already an Appenate customer and I can link your account to mine, if you wish, in order to make view sharing more efficient.

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What types of solutions do you offer?

I pride myself on tailoring my offerings to my client’s needs.  I can create a full workflow process in Smartsheet/Appsheet/Appenate to your specifications and offer extended functionality through external integrations and can also provide some custom API integrations that are within my skill set, should the need arise.

What types of integrations do you have experience with?


I have experience with Smartsheet integrations: Control Center, Datamesh, Dynamic View, Data Shuttle (formerly Data Uploader) as well as Smartsheet integration with Appsheet, Appenate, and Google Apps Script.


Appsheet integrates out of the box with various data sources with popular ones being, Google Sheets, Smartsheet, and Office365.  Appsheet also has the ability integrate via webhooks to any system with an API.


Appenate has the ability to integrate to any API through their REST connector.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes! I offer ongoing on a retainer basis tailored to the needs of each client.



Darren is so helpful. In addition to doing great work he: is always clear about his timing and schedule; is very helpful with improvements and solving problems requested changes could cause – and showing how to avoid them. Work is presented in a very clear manner – often with video.

He has worked with our key data very effectively. We are happy to consider Darren a big part of our IT team.

Jennifer Fraser

Air Fixx

Darren is exactly the coach I needed. He is so knowledgeable and shares that knowledge in a very helpful manner. He has saved my organization so much time and money in building our app. His Knowledge and expertise, along with humble demeanor and sense of humor are priceless. Long story short, Darren is your guy! Book a session, you won’t regret it!


Rock Tree Sky Admissions & Enrollment

Smart sheets guru was great! He did a phenomenal job with what I was asking for. Communication was strong and filled in on every part of the project. I was able to understand the process of everything I wanted. He answered my questions fully so I was aware of the process. I am very happy with the work!



Fiverr User

Very good service, fast and qualitative.For sure I will continue my collaboration with Darren.




Fiverr User

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